In-House Classes

We offer in-house classes at your location, subject to a minimum tuition. An in-house class is an excellent way to control your onboarding experience, and to integrate license education into other training. We work with you to create an appropriate schedule for your employees. Please call 813-962-4297 or email sales@andybeverly.com for details.

Class Structure

We typically enroll your students in our online pre-licensing class so that they have access to all the study resources there. They will also have 24 hour access to teachers through the online classroom. You can schedule as much or as little face to face classroom time as you need for your group. This method makes scheduling flexible and easy.

Hotel and Travel

If a hotel stay is required for any live classroom sessions, that amount will be in addition to tuition. We pay all other travel and food expenses, and charge a flat fee per day to send an instructor.

Other Materials

Our own printed or electronic course workbooks are included. Additionally, you may purchase state study manuals, exam simulators, and Andy Beverly’s flashcards with your class. Each student must have a state study manual available for the 2-20, 20-44, 2-20 conversion, 2-14, 2-15, or 2-40 course. RCSR (4-40 license) students do not need a state study manual.

Cost and Instructor Rate

Discounted tuition is available for classes of at least 10 students. If you have at least 10 concurrently enrolled students, we can send an instructor to you, or provide one in our Tampa classroom, for an additional fee. Instructor rates are $300 - $400 per day, flat rate, subject to availability. Please contact us to confirm rate and availability.

How to Buy

Just give us a call at 813-962-4297, or email sales@andybeverly.com. We’ll make sure we get all the details about what you need, and send an in-house class scheduling agreement. Your classes can start as soon as the following week!