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Since Andy Beverly taught his first exam prep class in 1960, over 120,000 students have come to us for help starting their careers as insurance agents, adjusters, and customer representatives. With our pre-licensing courses, the Andy Beverly School can help you get started too. Call us today for answers to your licensing questions, or just sign up for a class.

Virtual Classroom; Real Teachers

Have a question? You’ll get the answer you need quickly. You can even set up phone calls with your assigned teacher. Our online self-paced classes are taught by proactive, experienced teachers. As a result, questions in the forum are answered quickly. You’ll get multiple perspectives and examples to help you learn.

Support for All Learning Styles

Whether you learn best by reading, listening, or visual diagrams, we have you covered. We take learning styles into account in all of our classes.

Free Evening Webinars

All of our online classes include free webinars in the evenings. Students will have face to face time with a teacher, allowing them to ask questions and get real-time feedback.

Why you'll LOVE your insurance class!


Need to get started in insurance, or add a new license? We’re happy to help.

Licenses include the 2-20, 20-44, 4-40, 2-15, 2-14 and 2-40.

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More about our courses.

First off, let’s cover outcomes. People come to us for insurance licensing courses, so it only makes sense that we take the licensing part seriously. Year after year, our students enjoy top pass rates for tough exams like the 2-20. You’ll learn the things you need to know, and learn them efficiently.

You’ll see that we cover concepts and policy forms in plain language whenever possible. In addition to passing your state exams, you will gain the basic insurance knowledge you need to get started in the business.

To see what students say about us, just search Andy Beverly School via Google and read the reviews. You might notice some common threads. Chief among these are that students are very satisfied, and they are confident in their knowledge. That’s our goal for you too!

To reach that goal, we start you out with content and tools to engage multiple learning styles. Your course will include text, videos, illustrations, practice questions, practice exams, and access to live and previously recorded evening webinars.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated teacher who will follow your progress, contact you, and answer your questions. You can reach teachers through the course forums, messages and emails, or by scheduling a phone call. If we can’t tell whether you’re making progress in your course, a teacher or course administrator will contact you proactively.

What's Next?

So what’s next? First you need to register for a course. You can find the course catalog by clicking here.

For any online course, you’ll normally have access within minutes. You can log in right away and start making progress. For courses that require a study manual, you will be able to complete the first section of the course while you wait for your study manual to arrive. If it is your first time in one of our online courses, and you find that online learning is not for you, let us know in the first 7 days of the course. As long as you have not completed more than 2 sections, we will issue a tuition refund (does not apply to books or flashcards, once shipped).

You might also be interested in our page outlining the steps and requirements for getting a license.

We can’t wait to see you in class!

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