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Flashcards, Edition PCFC 04 22
BM #09

The correct answer (C) should read “80% of building replacement value”.

Flashcards, Edition PCFC 11 20
CS #42

After Jan 1, 2022, the answer becomes “B” instead of “A.” This is due to a change in the law and will be updated in the next edition.

HD #28

Both C and D are correct answers.

CS #87 (printed before July 2021)

The answer key on the back of the card is wrong, although the explanation underneath the answer is correct. The answer should be D, 20 days.

Basic Data, Edition PC_0718
Page 95, Question #5

There are two correct answers, as neither 1/2 nor 1/5 is an available option.

Flashcards, Edition PCFC 02 17
C #19

Answer choice (B) should read “Endorse excess coverage for specified employees in desired amount.” (“employees” should be plural)

CA #22

Symbol 8 should be referred to as “hired and borrowed” autos, not non-owned.

Flashcards, Edition PCFC 03 16
CA #22

The correct answer should be printed as “B” not “A.” The explanation on the card describes why “B” is correct.

Flashcards, Edition PCFC 02 15
HD #33

The question should read “… brings business personal computer home…”. Without the word “business” it makes the question ambiguous. As long as it is clear that this is a business computer, the answer choice is correct.

Flashcards, Edition PCFC 05 13
HD #02

Answer (D) should read “No Damage to Property of Others coverage”. The card reads “No $1,000 Damage to Property of Others coverage”, which makes the answer choice ambiguous.

HD #49

Answers (B) and (D) are both requirements for Replacement Cost coverage, but the card only shows answer (D) as the correct answer.

PA #30

This question forces the reader to suspend disbelief, since Med Pay coverage is not provided if “workers' compensation benefits are required or available for the bodily injury.” A more precise way of stating the question might be to say: “In what order would we look to the following policies for coverage for an injury sustained in a car accident?”

PA #38

The correct answer to this question is actually a Business Auto Policy endorsement. It is only remotely likely that this information would be on the state exam for 20-44 students. Future editions will probably move the question to Commercial Auto.

PA #39

There is not much difference in the meaning between answer choices C and B. Technically with the given answers, C is the best answer. Probably the answers should be more clear though, as B is also true after PIP is exhausted.

WC #26

There is only one correct answer, but it is only correct assuming a certain percentage impairment. As a result, the question leaves some ambiguity. Future versions of this question should use plausible answer choices for the wrong answers, and be specific enough with the right answer that it is unambiguously correct.