Study Materials

General Lines/Personal Lines/CSR Study Manuals +$50.00
Life Health and VA Study Manuals +$45.00
General Lines/Personal Lines Flash Cards +$45.00
Life, Health and VA Flash Card +$35.00
Limits Property and Casualty Test Simulator - 30 Days Online Access +$30.00
General Lines Exam Simulator - 90 Days Online Access +$75.00
Personal Lines Exam Simulator - 90 Days Online Access +$65.00
Adjuster Exam Simulator - 90 Days Online Access +$75.00
Life, Health and VA Exam Simulator - 90 Days Online Access +$40.00

Important note: It may take up to 24 hours on business days for us to send you an access code for exam simulator software, so please order well before your exam date. Please see our complete policies before you purchase our courses and study materials.

Study manuals

These are the official study manuals required by the State of Florida.

Flash cards

These are the original flash cards created by Andy Beverly to prepare students for the state exam. Each year they are revised and updated with changes to the state study manuals and exam outline. The cards are divided into clearly marked sections so that you can study the parts that you need the most help with.

  • General Lines, Personal Lines, and Adjusters – 400 cards with instructions, questions and answers to help prepare you for the state exam. These are for the student who is serious about passing on their first attempt. This set of cards helps prepare students for the 20-44 Personal Lines, 2-20 General Lines, 4-40 CSR, and 6-20 Adjuster exams.
  • Life Health and Variable Annuity – These flash cards help you study for the Life and Health (2-15) or Health exam.

Online "Limits" Property & Casualty Test Simulator (30 days online access)

This is a test simulator that tests all the "numbers" you have to know for the 2-20, 4-40, and 20-44 state exams. Click here for detailed info on our "Limits" Property and Casualty test simulators.

If you stress over how much PIP covers, the debris removal limit on a Homeowners policy, the deductible on damage to a vehicle repaired under a Garage policy, or what the general aggregate limit is on a BOP, this will help you. Once you know all these limits, you'll have less to think about while studying the rest of the exam material.

This test simulator is web based and works on all platforms - Windows PC, Mac, Android, Linux, and iPad. For iPad you will need a flash enabled browser such as Photon Browser (available in the app store for $3 or $4).

Exam Simulators (90 days online access)

The exam simulator programs are similar to the flash cards in that they help you practice exam questions. Click here for detailed info on our Property and Casualty exam simulators. Or, click here for the Life, Health and Variable Contracts exam simulator. You can practice just a few sections, or you can take whole practice exams. The access code is good for 90 days after your first login. Note: Each purchase grants access for one person to use the exam simulator. Exam simulators are web based and work on Windows, Mac OSX, and tablet/mobile operating systems.

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