Location: DUNEDIN, FL License: 440/220 AND 215 Hours: 40 Salary: 35000-50000
Phone: 727-733-7610 Fax: 727-736-0915 Email: JAIMIE@DAVECOSPER.COM


Every Sales position MUST at least make minimum monthly goals at least 80% of the time to pay for their seat in the agency so to speak.
• Call all provided leads within the 10 second rule using the stop, drop, & call method (Especially State Farm “Warm Leads”.
• Follow up with their prospects at least 7 times within a month.
• Place and keep up with X-Dated leads (leads that we could not get the first time around or that we had to postpone due to eligibility guidelines at the time of the initial quote, etc.).
• Once a policy or policies are sold, there is to be an initial review and Your World type of conversation completed if they are in office or if you complete the sale over the hone than an initial review/”on boarding” appointment must be made and an On boarding checklist completed and turned in to management. (BEFORE JANUARY 2020, THESE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE HELD WITH JAIMIE FOR TRAINING).
• All clients must have appropriate Risk Management Assessments completed and you must “pivot” to applicable products that complete their Risk Management portfolio.
• Sales are to always be on the lookout for every opportunity to pivot to and sale other products other than the one they are writing. This also goes for any service calls that you are doing. Make sure your looking at the client’s entire picture. Please do not have the churn and burn mentality. We are not transnational! We are professionals!
• Please take your time with each of your clients and give the same remarkable service to all that you come in contact with as if they are your only client. We must get into this habit in order to have a well-rounded production success.
• Sales Team members will have weekly goal cards. You must complete your weekly goals. If you do not complete them, they will roll over to next week’s goal card. If you complete more than what is required (That’s Amazing) then you will have less required on next week’s goal card.
• Sales Team members will be evaluated periodically based off of their Production goals and how often they meet said goals. We will also go over ways to help you be more successful and determine a plan of action to help you meet your goals.
• The Sales Team is not responsible for Office Service work, but they are responsible for Sales Service from policies that they write. (please see the “Sales Service Description” that goes with this description).
• I expect the Sales Team to always be quoting and finding sales opportunities. This means when you have any spare time, you are expected to market call from a list provided to you by your Manger. Example: Households with Fire policies but no auto. PLEASE EMPLOYEE THE SHARK AND THE GOLDFISH MENTALITY… BE THE SHARK! Find your food instead of waiting on someone to feed you! A successful Sales person can make significant bonuses if they work hard and do all they can to meet their goals.
• I expect at least 5 Raw New Auto quotes to go out per day. These come from X-Dates or specific call list. Not inbound calls or walk-ins. A Pivot from a Homeowners/other line only client will count.
• Make sure that when you re-work an X-Date that you are putting them back in a 30 day, contact at least 7 times rotation. We have a HUGE book of business just waiting for us to work!
• Call Follow Ups daily. Please try your very best to keep the open Sales Task to the month that we are in. At this time, please go through and also be cleaning up the Sales Task folder. Please refer to the separate “Working X-Dates” Document.
• Your whole job outlook should be about sales and how to get more of them. Whether this means going into ABS and practicing word tracks, studying and practicing handouts at home, devising ways to market, pivot, etc. The more quotes you out, the more policies you will write.
• Please make sure to read and re-read all documents handed to you by Management as these are very important and useful sales resources that will help you become better at your profession and help to make you successful with your production goals. Remember, someone can always lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. I can provide you with tools and resources, but if you do not apply them, then you will not be successful.
• Remember, Dave put his faith, time, energy, and money into YOU. This means he has faith in you that you will do everything in your power to become the best that you can be in the role provided.
• Please make sure you are always polite and give amazing and remarkable service to your clients. Go above and beyond for them at all times. Send new clients a Thank You card. This is huge in preventing lapse can rates. If we can improve lapse can than we can minimize the number of Raw New apps that we need in order to make our production goals.


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