Garrick Healthcare Solutions, Inc
Health Insurance Agent

Location: Central Florida - The Villages License: health Hours: self paced Salary: unlimited
Phone: 352-249-6538 Fax: 352-746-7945 Email:

If you are a newly licensed agent and need help setting up your own agency, please reach out to me. OR if you are a newly licensed agent just looking to get started in the industry, let me help you. There is no fee for my services. I will help you with your product line and contracting. I get paid through your success in the form of what is called an "override". I will mentor you and train you with a personal touch. I will help place you in marketing positions. I will help you be comfortable calling on providers. I will "ride along" with you for training or allow you to ride with me. There are many agencies promising to help new hires but I've found that they are sometimes to busy. Leaving BRAND NEW agents to fend for themselves. If you know where you are going already but need some free consult or advice about what it means to enter into those contracts, shoot me a note, I'd be happy to help. Vicki Garrick


must hold health license

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