20-44 or 4-40 conversion to 2-20 General Lines Agent Online Course

Our 40 hour online course is custom designed by us for our students. No one else offers this course. You have an instructor available 7 days a week who monitors your progress, follows up with you, and answers your questions through the discussion forum, email, telephone, or in person. We provide new learning materials as needed by our students, just like in any other instructor-led classroom. For example, if you need a visual aid or a new example of a concept to help you understand it, we make up a new visual aid or come up with new examples.

This course is for licensed and appointed Personal Lines Agents (20-44) or Customer Representatives (4-40) with at least one year of experience in either commercial or personal lines. Passing this course and the state exam will make you eligible for the 2-20 General Lines Agent license. With your 2-20 license, you can also add the All Lines Adjuster license without taking another exam.

The 20-44 or 4-40 to 2-20 conversion course has a 90 day time limit, STARTING THE DAY YOU REGISTER. If you need to delay the starting date, please let us know within 7 days of your registration.

Warning: This is designed as an accelerated course for students who have gained significant insurance knowledge through industry experience. By the end of the course, you still need to know everything from the 200 hour course (you'll be taking the same state exam). If you think you need more time to learn the material, or if you prefer a more relaxed pace, consider signing up for our 200 hour online course instead.

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